CommonTerms is trying to find a solution to the problem of non-accessible online Terms & Conditions.

We are currently working on an accessible format for previewing terms, which we hope will become good enough to standardize.

The project is heavily inspired by Creative Commons, and we plan to publish our results under a Creative Commons license.

We want to cooperate with and support all related projects who share our goal, because the task is not trivial.


The CommonTerms project is coordinated by Metamatrix AB and sponsored by Internetfonden.se

Coordinated by Metamatrix AB      Sponsored by Internetfonden.se

The project is a result of a session on “sustainable web development” by Pär Lannerö and Thomas Bjelkeman at the Sweden Social Web Camp, in August 2010.

Currently the CommonTerms team consists of

In 2012 we co-founded the OpenNotice group, with a mailinglist and regular teleconferences. The members of this group have since been our primary discussion partners.

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People who contributed to CommonTerms include: